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Our Manifesto



The beauty of the essential

Taking care of your hair is knowing what to use on it or not. For this reason, we have decided to offer you effective hair care products, formulated with ingredients of natural origin. We are therefore committed to ensure that each of our formulas is enriched with at least 89% naturally derived ingredients**. We are constantly seeking to improve it and are working to significantly increase the proportion of these ingredients. As we want to act with total transparency, the exact percentage of naturally derived ingredients is indicated on each product. Along with this natural approach, we also make sure to exclude any ingredient that may present a risk to your health or the environment. We removed controversial ingredients from our formulas to only keep the essential, to provide both effectiveness and pleasure. We only use vegetable oils, our shampoos are sulfate-free, and all our treatments are silicone-free ***. In the respect of nature, our formulas are also registered by the British Vegan Society*, an international standard, that guarantees that our formulas do not contain any product or by-product of animal origin, but only vegetal, and do not involve any animal in their development process.

*Registration of our products by the British Vegan Society. Except the following products: PURIFY Shampoo, PURIFY Pre-shampoo and VOLUMIZE Spray.
**Except Couleur Absolue (at least 72% naturally derived ingredients).
***Except VOLUMIZE Spray.



To each person, to each hair type  

We seek to think differently about hair care: we do not change the nature of your hair, we reveal the beauty of its nature. Your hair lives with you and requires, like your skin, adapted care to your lifestyle and environment. We have built our know-how on 40 years of hair protocols which allow us, today, to offer every hair type its customized formula. No matter if it is beauty care, treatment or coloring, each of our formulation fits perfectly an identified need. We translate our expertise by providing a hair diagnosis to best meet your expectations.


The respect of our sources

We work in partnership with nature. We develop products that are respectful of the planet and make sure to reduce the impact on the environment:

  • Made in Europe : All our hair treatments and shampoos are made in France, and our colors are made in Italy to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Our packagings are reduced to the minimum. We removed any superfluous packaging.
  • Our packagings are eco-friendly : our cardboard boxes, plastic bottles and jars are 100% recycled and recyclable.
  • Vegetable ink : all inks used on our cases and bottles are from vegetal origin and biodegradable.

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